Vinyasa in the Ashtanga tradition means breath synchronized movement. The breath is the heart of this discipline, and links asana to asana in a precise order. By synchronizing movement with breathing and practicing mula and uddiyana bandhas (locks), an intense internal heat is produced. This heat purifies muscles and organs, expelling unwanted toxins as well as releasing beneficial hormones and minerals, which can nourish the body when the sweat is massaged back into the skin. The breath regulates the vinyasa and ensures efficient circulation of blood. The result is a light, strong body.


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Gentle and an accessible yoga style for everyone! This is a no sweat yoga practice - just breathe, stretch, strengthen & restore yourself.  All of these classes are gentle enough for the beginner and suitable for anyone seeking improvement in mental & physical strength, balance and flexibility.




Our heated classes are heated to around 90 degrees. Our HOT classes are heated to around 100 degrees. 



Family bonding time for parents to share their love of yoga with their children aged 2+. This isn’t your typical adult yoga class. It may incorporate games, partner yoga, etc. But will always include time to focus, control our bodies and calm our bodies in a final relaxation. 



Restorative yoga is the art of practicing relaxation. Relaxation is a skill that requires practice, especially in our culture of ‘busy-ness’.  We need to learn how to relax.  Restorative yoga uses props (bolsters, blocks and straps) to support the joints as we release and relax.  Restorative yoga is not a ‘stretch’ but an opportunity for the nervous system to relax. 



The practice of yoga, linked with the breath, will help bring awareness to the body as it progresses through the changes associated with pregnancy, birth and post-partum. Classes are open to women at all stages of pregnancy and are a wonderful way to connect with your baby and with each other.  We will end each class with a few moments to relax, chat, and enjoy a cup of tea. Please consult your physician or midwife before beginning prenatal yoga if you have any questions or concerns.