Cancel 4 Hours Before Class to Avoid a Cancelation Charge

Our Pilates Equipment classes have become so popular that we have added FOUR new classes and all of our classes are full with a wait list.

With the addition of the incredibly priced Pilates Studio Membership, where you may receive unlimited classes for just $100/month (only $25/week), we have encountered an enourmous influx in no-shows and late cancellations.  This is really unfortunate as the majority of our Pilates classes are full with wait lists.  So when you don't show or you late cancel, you prevent someone else, who really wanted to be there, from getting in to class.  

We hate to do this, but habitual offenders will now be charged a $15 cancellation fee for a No Show or a Late Cancel; canceling less than 4 hours before class.  

This is not a punishment, but merely encouragement to please be courteous to those who are on the wait list and would really like to get in to a Pilates class.  As well as a courtesy to your instructor who is only paid according to how many people are in class.

Thank you so much for your kindness and cooperation in making Pilates accessible for everyone.