Find Your Voice with Qigong and Essential Oils...ME TIME! Saturday 10/8

Me Time ~ Find Your Voice

October 8th 10-11am

Do you speak your mind? Do you share what is on your heart? So many of us think too deep, think too much and sometimes words simply cannot explain all the thoughts that sprint through our mind. Sometimes we fear that certain people do not even care what we want to say, so we hold it in. How many times have you bit your tongue to avoid confrontation and keep the peace? Did you ever just not know what to say, or not know how to say something big, and then nothing was ever said about it? Our voices are one of the most powerful tools we have access to. The ability to communicate is the foundation to any healthy relationship. If we are unsure of how we feel, it is easy to hold in those emotions until we are clear about exactly what we wish to express.
Do you feel like you use your voice and express your feelings? Or do your comments stay mostly in your thoughts? This edition of Me Time will help you find your voice and allow you get out all those unsaid feelings with the healing power of sound. When we use our bodies to create sound, a vibration surges through our body and becomes an internal healing device, sweeping through the depths of our being. We will practice Six Sounds Healing, an ancient healing Qigong practice that will help process and heal those negative emotions that linger inside. It shakes up the sadness, anger, fear, worry and overthinking that makes our energy leak. The sounds will clear anything that has been built up or repressed for years and years. We will also enjoy the incredible healing effects of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils along with question asking to help you dig in to the root and source of what made you lose your voice. If you are ready to become a truer version of your self, but have past stuff to deal with, this class will allow you to process the past and shake it out with the healing power of sound! This class will help you be brave, give you permission to speak up from your heart and will equip you with the confidence you will need to express your soul!

I will admit that the first time I practiced this Six Sounds Healing, I was incredibly intimidated and really uncomfortable with the idea of making a sound. When I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and let the sounds come out of me, I leveled up. So many layers of walls just shed off of me and I began to find MY voice. I became comfortable with expressing myself, simply due to this technique that taught me how to let it out!

This is a community class offered by Beyond Zen for a love donation. Please give what feels good from your heart! Wear comfortable clothing. All levels welcome - especially beginners!