Did You know Acupuncture can be used for the treatment and management of cancer related symptoms?

Acupuncture and Cancer

The American Cancer Society (ACS) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) both recommend Acupuncture for the treatment and management of cancer related symptoms which include pain, nausea, breathlessness, dry mouth, hot flash, neuropathy, limb edema, leukopenia, gastrointestinal upset, loss of appetite, and fatigue. Top hospitals including Cancer Centers of America, Northwestern Hospital, and Cleveland Clinic are including acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine as a service for those patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Harvard Medical School has incorporated an integrative program offering acupuncture services to oncology patients.  Furthermore, several studies show that acupuncture can boost the immune system and normal cell function which then combats the damaging effects that chemotherapy and radiation have on the body.  Studies also suggest that acupuncture increases endorphins encouraging a deep state of calm and relaxation, which then eases overall stress and tension in the mind and body.